Who We Are

2nd Chance Consumer Advocates

Who We Are – Helping Those in need! Succeed


We can help remove inaccurate, obsolete and unverifiable items on your credit reports including:

– Collections
– Late payments
– Charge offs
– Liens

– Bankruptcies
– Repossesions
– Foreclosures
– Judgments


The one thing about 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates is that we don’t just work on improving your credit score, we provide an entire financial blueprint that will enable you to manage your money. Our Credit Repair is completely focused on only one thing – empowering you to achieve your financial dreams. 2nd Chance has been established in 1989. We believe we are one of the longest running credit repair companies. We apply our expertise and vast experience to help you get your credit score back on track.


We remain a step ahead of the competition with our cutting edge analysis and services. The experts at 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates develop a plan and detail a path that will lead to financial stability. Once you are on a stable credit platform, we then provide you with the tools and resources needed to confidently strive forward and attain your personal goals.

The other thing about 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates is that we are driven to give you all the credit opportunities entitled to an American citizen. When we work our magic and improve your credit score, you gain access to your financial rights.


When you work with a credit repair agency, it is imperative that you can trust them and that they can deliver on your trust. Our team of experts deliver on the faith you place in them by conducting procedures that fall within the legal guidelines. They operate in complete compliance of State and Federal regulations, especially the Credit Repair Organizations’ Act.

There are other agencies that promise more effective Credit Repair results by following procedures that skip around the laws. At 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates, we do not believe in employing easy and unethical practices to improve your credit standing. The measures and strategies you utilize to improve your score are a direct reflection of your personality. Ultimately, those unethical, easy practices never work out. What we want is a clear, honest reflection of you and your credit score.


Money is an important aspect of your life, and the three digits of your credit score is, perhaps, the most important. Would you rather have an agency that operates from behind computer screens and telephones, or someone who will personally meet you and address your issues?

We go the whole nine yards to personalize our services and customize our credit solutions. When you sign up with 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates, you receive a dedicated counselor who will guide you through the nitty-gritty of your Credit Repair. The counselors offer their suggestions only after they have understood each and every aspect of your credit profile, your debt ratio, and what you want to achieve with your score.


If there is one term that defines our efforts, it’s the word committed. 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates is committed to providing solutions that rebuild and maintain your credit score. But that is only one aspect. We also provide you with credit education and insight that will allow you to develop good credit habits so that your score can stay positive over a lifetime.

To know more about 2nd Chance Consumer Advocates and how we can assist you with your credit issues, just call us. One of our counselors will offer our first free consultation.